Hair product guide

Using the right products to suit your hairstyle and type will help you maintain that fresh-from-the-salon look until it’s time for your next haircut. George Street Townhouse in Bath stocks a wide selection of gorgeous, nourishing Aveda products for you to purchase, so you can continue treating your hair to a little luxury long after you leave the salon.

Using styling products

Before applying any product to your hair, you should first rub it into your palms. Smooth the product through your hair evenly, beginning at the roots and working out towards the ends. Remember, the finer your hair is, the smaller amounts of product you should use so as to avoid weighing the hair down too much. By contrast, the thicker or dryer your hair, the more product you’ll need to smooth it out.


There are two distinct types of shampoo, strong- or light-cleansing. Unless your hair is greasy or weighed down by product build-up, you should use a mild shampoo for all hair types.


There are two distinct types of hair conditioner. Strong humectant conditioners are for thick or dry hair, and contain softening agents to smooth and add shine. Protein-based conditioners contain less pronounced softening agents. By reducing static, they help to promote hair shine and manageability. Hair conditioners help to protect the hair from heat damage caused by hair dryers and straighteners

Leave-in conditioner

A great product for detangling, de-frizzing, and moisturising hair, leave-in conditioner will also add volume. These conditioners can be used on wet or dry hair. Some are particularly effective at adding definition to curly or wavy hair. Some help to protect your hair from UV rays and prolong colour intensity.


A shine-enhancing product that is ideal for thick or naturally curly hair. Serum can be used on most hair types except fine hair. Some serums are for use on wet hair to help smooth and tame frizz whilst you blow dry. Other serums are applied to dry hair to add shine and sleekness. Squeeze a few drops onto your hand and rub between your palms before smoothing the serum into your blow-dried hair. Use sparingly, though, as too much serum can make your hair look greasy.


A rich blend of scented organic oils that give your hair a stunning shine and leave it feeling silky-smooth and instantly more manageable. This incredible product is suitable for all hair types and can be applied to dry or damp hair. We stock, and use, Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturising Oil


Most effective when applied to the roots of wet hair before it is blow-dried and styled using a hairbrush. Mousse is ideal for styling fine hair in need of extra lift, texture and volume at the roots.


Hair gel is generally applied to wet hair to add stiffness or a firm hold to shorter hairstyles. It can also be used to give dry hair a Wet Look style by applying to the hair and leaving the gel to dry.


These finishing products will add definition and separation to your hairstyle. Waxes and pastes are good for all hair types, but are particularly effective on layered or textured hairstyles. For advice about the best products for your hair, or to book, call 01225 447087 or email

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