Changes to how we operate

We have made many significant changes to how we operate during the Covid 19 pandemic. So that we comply with social distancing and hygiene, you will find many aspects of how we operate have changed. The key areas are listed below.

We understand that this may be a lot of information to digest, but we hope you will understand why we have implemented such strict rules as the safety of our guest and our team is paramount to us. Please do make sure you read everything so that you are prepared for the new routine when you visit us again.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding. Kindest regards and best wishes Matt, Shelley and Team Artizan

Opening Times

We have split our Stylists into two teams to enable us to socially distance our space. Extra hours and days of of the week are now available. Your Stylist may not be available on their usual days, or times. If you cannot find space with them, please book with whoever is available.

We are now strictly by appointment only.

The fastest way to book is now online via our button below. You may call the salon but we are operating reduced reception hours to increase capacity to allow more guests into the salon space. If you do not get a response from reception, please email or leave a message and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

Opening Hours: 7 days a week
Times: 8am to 8pm
Saturday: Matt, Pete, Stevie, Shanaya and Louise
Jodie, Ben, Milo, Sarah and Charlene
Matt, Pete, Stevie, Shanaya and Louise
Jodie, Ben, Milo, Sarah and Charlene
Matt, Pete, Stevie, Shanaya and Louise
Week 1 Thursdays:
Matt, Pete, Stevie, Shanaya and Louise
Week 2 Thursday:
Jodie, Ben, Milo, Sarah and Charlene
Jodie, Ben, Milo, Sarah and Charlene

Extra hygiene and PPE

Every Stylist will have a box containing their sole equipment and will be located at their specified hair section to avoid any crosscontamination. After every guest, this equipment and the hair section with be thoroughly sterilised.

You will be attended to exclusively by your Stylist (your Stylist will not take any guests in-between your colour services) to avoid any
unnecessary interaction with other members of staff or guests. If you book a cut with one Stylist and colour with another, the Stylist will sterilise their hair section and change any PPE.

There is a small Covid 19 surcharge to help us cover some of these measures of health and safety. You will be charged on booking or at check-out. (£2.00)

Our Stylists will be wearing visors or masks, whilst they perform your service, and you will be asked to wear our mask and plastic gown. All of these will be disposed of before you leave the salon. You will be asked to use our medical-grade sanitiser at various points of your salon visit. Please do not ask to use your mask unless it is a fresh medical mask.

We are no longer allowed to supply hot beverages or magazines for Health and Safety reasons. Please do feel free to bring along your own.


Appointments for children 11 -16 years are available with Milo or Shanaya on Tuesday or Wednesdays ONLY at 20% off adult prices. Please email

Booking and payments

Our booking will be online via this website, please complete this form. If you are having difficulties please email us and we will try to get back to you within 24 hours. The online booking is the fastest and easiest way to get an appointment.

We will be asking for payment or partial payment on booking. In the event of a national lockdown, this money will either be refundable or added to your account for you to use when we open again. Our system tracks all money you have on your account at anytime and your money is safe.

You may cancel your booking up to 48 hours before the appointment time. After this, the service fee is forfeited.

We will no longer take cash in the salon. When you book you will be asked to pay in full for your service and any additional services will be charged by contactless payment on the day by your Stylist.

We will not be offering any discounts, until further notice except Students may receive 10% with an NUS card on their Cut and Blow Dry from Monday to Thursday with Academy Stylists and Stylists ONLY (Milo and Shanaya).

Your arrival and entry to the salon

We are now appointment only. It is not possible to walk into salon without an appointment. To maintain our social distancing ratios, we will be leading our guests into the salon personally.

Your Stylist will greet you at the street door of the salon at the time of your appointment.

Please do not arrive early as this may impede other guests’ appointments.

Please do not arrive late as we must keep every appointment on time to avoid breaking our social distancing ratios. If you do arrive late, we may have to turn you away or shorten your hair service (this could mean no blow-dry) as we must not allow other guests appointments to suffer.

We normally love to welcome your friends and family to join you but please come to the salon alone (no family members or children) with as few possessions as possible. We cannot operate our waiting area at the moment and we cannot allow anyone other than the Stylist and their guest in the hair section area. We will also ask you to deal with moving any of your possessions.

Your health

Do not come to the salon if you have a fever, cough, loss of taste or smell. Please email immediately.

Do not come to the salon if you have had a positive test for Covid 19 within the last 14 days.

Do not come to the salon if you have travelled outside of the UK within the last 14 days.

Colour Services

Some of our colour services will look slightly different when you book. The full explanation of these services is HERE. All of our colour services are now time-critical, reducing time in the salon, due to social distancing ratios. Your Stylist will make sure they give you as much as they can in the time allowed but may reduce blow-dry time if they would like to add extra colour.

Please make sure you book for longer/thicker hair, if this applies to you, as choosing the wrong service will not allow enough time to get your hair looking lovely. If your Stylist judges that the time booked is wrong you may be charged and asked to rebook.

Online booking